Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soundside Sunset by Eric Fitzpatrick

We both admired Soundside Sunset yesterday when Eric posted it on FaceBook. It just captured so much of why we love being on Tybee Island. It also has beautiful tones of Purple. Mike had asked Jane Coslick to not do our bedroom in really bright colors. He wanted something quieter. Jane is a designer that listens. Our master bedroom is mostly white with lavender and slightly deeper tones of purple. She nailed exactly what Mike wanted. We have two pieces of art in the room. One a underwater scuba scene I purchased years ago at a charity auction and a small sailboat watercolor by Earnest Johnson from Oriental, N.C. I purchased it at the annual Roanoke Valley sidewalk art show. We have a large wall next to the king bed (the first wall you notice) that has been blank. Our front guest room has a favorite painting by local artist Bellamy. Jane hung it for our photo
shoot. Once I saw it there was no way it was leaving the cottage. It was just perfect in that light filled room. So we had
to leave our blank wall in the master until another day. Well that day came yesterday when Eric agreed to part with Soundside Sunset! Eric lives and paints in Roanoke Virginia...our hometown. We will be picking up this framed 24x31 inch beauty next week. We likely won't get back to install it till August. Till then we will enjoy it at our Mountain Home in Virginia.

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