Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Favorite Pictures

We so enjoyed having our Roanoke RV friends stop on their way to their south Florida Cottage and spend the night. We had a great time catching up. Loved talking about their new place, discussing decorating, and fun future plans! Then dinner on the dock at A.J.s on the back river. We were able to give them the nickel tour of Tybee before darkness set in. They headed off after breakfast. It was fun having guests. The weather was perfect today. A mild breeze, sunny, and eventually around 80! Our warmest day this trip. We were able to take two long walks today plus spending a good bit of time beach walking in the water. It felt cold at first but we found we enjoyed it. We had biked over with our beach towel/pillow/bag find from Etsy. Very comfortable and we both fell asleep. Enjoyed the sun. We both are a nice shade of pink...I think we biked back just in time to avoid a burn. Spent some time lounging on the back porch under the fan. Enjoyed reading a Coastal Living Cottage of the U.S. book our friends brought us. Love the Coastal south and the Gulf Coast areas the best. I was very surprised to find that I was very drawn to the Pacific Northwest Cottages and how they were decorated. Kinda of a blend between our Mountain house and Paws & Paddles. The key to Cottages is filling them with things you love. Preferably pieces that can do double and triple duty to maximize space. And each piece of furniture needs to be extra comfortable. It won't matter how it looks if you realize it isn't comfortable. Cottages should be all about comfort and soft finishes and textures and bright colors that make you smile. And pet friendly with a great Dog like Hershey in residence. Hershey is currently passed out on the porch day bed with Mike. And my comfortable chaise is making me sleepy so...laters.

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