Friday, April 26, 2013

Another nice walk...

Love to head to North Beach and the Lighthouse. This is also known as the quiet end of the Island near where Paws & Paddles is located. On the way is a popular local park with a play ground and ball field. Best of all it is surrounded by a stream, beautiful trees, and a 1/2 mile meandering paved greenway! This is Hershey's favorite walk. I think it's his favorite because he sees more dogs and most importantly MORE people who all stop and pet him and ask what kind of a dog he is, he is so handsome and so on. All quite true of course. He has turned into quite a ham. If someone walks past him and doesn't stop to chat or pet him it looks like it hurts his feelings! LOL. So these are shots taken near the park and just beyond the park in a pretty development near the ocean. Nice!

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