Monday, April 22, 2013

Hershey takes Mommy for a Tybee Walk-A-About April 22, 2013

Hershey says let's GO! He loves to walk. If he thinks it may be time for a walk he turns into a living piece of Velcro!

We decided to walk to the Lighthouse and take some back paths near some Tybee Cottages so I could snap some pictures of pretty flowers and quirky Tybee things.

Hershey has introduced me to so many cool people. A lady riding a small RV style bike saw him and yelled for us to stop. Cindy said she had 4 Standard Poodles traveling with her in a RV with a special area in back just for them. Three Chocolate and one Cream color. She is from Ohio but now travels full time and works at Campgrounds for free space rent. She is also filling in as a guide this summer at the Yellow Dolphin Tour Boats on Tybee in the mornings. She loved Hershey since she said he looked like one of her boys! Hershey has a dry nose that sometimes cracks and she recommended we buy him a jar of Bag Balm...will have to try it!

We walked on past the cottages to the Lighthouse and took some pics of an old Cottage that it appears they are going to restore on the Lighthouse grounds. A few must have Lighthouse shots for the collection. I am looking for the perfect shot to use as an inspiration for a painting for Paws and Paddles. We stopped along the way and took shots of some local flowers. I love the funky screen doors on Tybee and found one of those. Also a cool old outdoor shower door that had a cutout of an Octopus on it! Tiny octopus legs that must have been hard to cut out!

Met several adults and children at the Lighthouse and ALL just had to pet Hershey. They were on their way in to tour the Lighthouse which is great fun. There is also an awesome gift shop with a good variety of quality items and friendly local sales clerks. Great postcards of the lighthouse. Some are in black and white and look amazing framed.

We made our way back. I was ready to take a porch break. Hershey was still full of beans and made the most of his newly fenced yard. I let him go at the gate and he runs at full speed like a thoroughbred horse that has been cooped up too long! Then he runs to the front door and for all the world looks like he is saying...stop dragging your feet and let's go in for a cold drink...of water!

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  1. Your photos are wonderful. I am doing 11van horn drop by


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