Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 17th on Tybee Island

Tuesday Sunrise...heavy clouds on the horizon...67 degrees and almost no wind. Sweet.

The sun looked like two eyes looking out from behind the clouds then it moved up higher and cast some beautiful rays of sunshine on the ocean.
My favorite part of the day is early morning. I love feeling, seeing and hearing the whole world start to wake up at the same time...the birds start chirping and flying about even before the sun is up...so you know it is getting close to sunrise. I always enjoy this time because there are so few people out and about and you can really be quiet and listen carefully to everything around you. The air smells great and as you bike along you can pick up various smells. Someone brewing coffee, someone frying bacon, that still smells good especially if there is also a little wood smoke in the air.
Enjoyed the great weather today on the dock at A.J.s Restaurant on the back river on Tybee Island. Perfect weather to eat outside. Enough sun to be warm, enough wind to keep you cool and the no see'ums at bay, enough food and drink for a nice lunch.

A.J.s view off the luncheon dock.

 A bike ride on the beach to the far north end of the island...few people...lots of open beach...resulted in spreading out a beach blanket and taking a siesta after lunch for a few minutes. Then biking home and Mikie decided to clean the cottage chairs...they had some stains after a winter under the live oaks.  Looking spiffy already.  Hershey is helping by staying out of the way and napping on the porch on his day bed!  I am helping my staying out of the way and blogging!

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