Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tybee and Savannah fun...heading home.

Tybee Wind Surfers! We had great fun watching them till almost dark.This is why I love to go biking while everyone else is out chowing down at dinner. We get the beach all to ourselves. We tend to eat lunch out. More cost effective and smaller portions which is better for the waistline.  

Trying to reel her in! I liked this angle.
This is the North Beach section of Tybee Island...slightly wild and quite beautiful. He is actually now on the beach and trying to reel it the rest of the way in.

Beach house on the far south end of Tybee looking across to Little Tybee Island. This is quite close to the water...the high dune provides some protection but in a bad storm...it would likely be swept out to sea it's that close.

Dunes on the South end of Tybee. This shot captured how you feel when the beach is empty almost like being on a deserted island...sort of wild but wonderful.

A few of the 10,000 Savannah fans of Charlie Daniels! Awesome free concert. The man is 75 years young and plays like he is 18. He clearly loves performing. What fun!
Good night Savannah and thanks for the free concert...we'll be BACK!

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