Monday, April 16, 2012

April 2012 on Tybee!

This was Sunday morning. The sky was clear except along the coast. Clouds often make a sunrise even more interesting.  We are already slowing down to Tybee Tyme. We arrived Saturday a bit after 1:00 and in less than an hour we had emptied the car, bedded down and watered and fed Hershey, and nested by putting our clothes, etc. away. Groceries just a few basic items fruit, rice milk, peanut butter, rice cakes, tea, coffee, sugar, popcorn also stowed away in the large pantry. Hershey realized he was at his second home and quickly assumed his ownership of the day bed on the porch after we covered it up with a spread and tucked the zillion decorator pillows away in one of the bedrooms.  Then the weather was so perfect we wanted to go outside but we were also starving...A.J.s on the upper deck right on the back river/marsh was a perfect choice. We stayed for almost two hours enjoying the view, conversation, and of course the seafood and drink.  Back to the cottage and then a nice bike ride to the lighthouse at the North Beach.  Then Mike remembered this was a Saturday night NasCar he watched the race while I played on the iPad, and kinda watched until I realized I was actually asleep but I did make it to the finish line.

Another photo from Sunday morning...67 and a slight breeze felt just perfect.
This was Monday morning's sunrise and it was different as well. Note the rays of didn't photograph as beautiful as it actually was.

Monday morning was less breezy so the 67 degrees felt even warmer. It is early in the year so even with light wind we were blessed with NO no...see'ems! A very good thing.

We decided to run into Savannah for some quick shopping...a few things to add to the cottage...extra new tybee bath towels, rugs, etc. The colors are easy to find here but impossible at home...apparently stores must stock color selections regionally. Got exact matches of what Jane had picked out previously to stay true to her design vision. A guest actually our daughter mentioned a larger non-stick skillet would be a good addition to the well stocked kitchen...found one in bright red to match some of our other accessories. Picked up two replacement chairs for our directors chairs on the porch., Ours were less sturdy and 30 years old though they still looked great. The new ones will handle large loads if needed and look great as well...again they had them in Tybee colors.                                                                                                                                          

By the time we finished shopping darn it was lunch time and Mike twisted my arm to stop at Tubby's Tank House for lunch.  Awesome salads with homemade horseradish creamy dressing with a huge piece of lightly breaded flounder on top.  Not sure what Tubby is putting in that breading but it was seriously the best I have ever had...not a single bite was left...and I usually bring home at least half of what I order...yum...I am full writing this but it still sounds good to me.

Mike is changing out a lock on the storage building to make sure it stays locked...the building is large and we are lucky to have that much storage space.  Hershey was glad to see us and is already napping on the day bed again...The breeze coming in the porch windows combined with the sunlight dancing and the breeze from the ceiling fan has my head could be nap time for me 2!

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