Friday, April 20, 2012

Wind Surfing, Flags Flying, and biking on Tybee Island in April 2012

We watched two young men wind surfing last evening on the north beach section of Tybee Island. It was hard to get the kite and the surfer in the same shot...this was the best of the bunch. They were flying along very fast and were clearly quite accomplished. They stayed until it was almost dark and then had quite a time reeling in the kites in the strong winds.  We biked by the light house on the way and noticed they had hung a large flag off the top. Very impressive waving in the heavy breeze.

Now that's A Flag!

We did our part for helping a local charity raise money. They host an annual fish fry and for only $7.00 they fix fried fish, fries, cole slaw, hush puppies...AND grits. It was all quite good. We did have to laugh... the big sign was in the center of town so we assumed that was where the fish fry was...well not really.  Everyone in the small town of Tybee knows the fish fry is not downtown but out near the lighthouse at the American Legion building...they just did not say that...cause it's a small town and everyone knows where it is...but us and the guy following us looking for said fish fry. Too funny.  Everyone was as nice as they could be...they had tons of homemade deserts which I dutifully stayed away from.  Saving up the calories for tonight's dinner at Garbaldis in Savannah...followed by a free Charlie Daniels concert in the park. Looking forward to it...we even remembered to bring our folding carry around chairs! It has taken me several days to rest up and get recharged but now I am ready to go into Savannah for the evening. The manicure and pedicure with leg massage helped with the relaxing. There is a nice nail place...Pro Nails...only 6 miles down highway 80 from Paws and Paddles. They did an awesome job...I almost fell asleep!  Off to bike up to the south beach...have not been there on this trip...always a good view of Little Tybee and usually lots of kayakers as well. We have seen dolphins almost every day...usually see some on the south beach side as well...more later...

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