Sunday, July 28, 2013

Counting Down to arriving on Tybee Island on Friday!

We are so looking forward to heading out this Friday to Tybee. We are taking our daughter, her husband and the SuperWonderfulGrandBoy! We have not seen them in a month. Looking forward to catching up with them. The SWGBoy only has a couple of more weeks and he will be back in school. Hoping to squeeze in some Tybee/Savannah time. They didn't get down last year so we are excited. Thinking we need to hit the Lighthouse Beach as much as possible and hopefully do one day in Savannah for a Trolley Tour. We are only able to be there a few days. Trying to schedule vacation is always a challenge with our different schedules. Wish we could stay longer. Just saw a delightful evening picture of one of the Savannah Squares taken in the evening and it truly made me homesick. Can't wait to get back to Paws and Paddles on Tybee. We also have a week planned in September and October.  Love early fall at the Beach. My sister is going with us in September and it will be her first trip to Tybee or Savannah. Looking forward to sharing our favorite places with her.  Hershey is staying at Aspen Grove Bed and Breakfast for the August trip. The trip would be a bit tight with all of us in the SUV. He will be well cared for and have his doggie friends to play with.  We are also in the midst of moving to Downtown Roanoke over the next two months as our furniture arrives. Trying to decide if I should start a separate blog for our adventure in Urban Living. What do you think?

Pictures on the way once we hit Tybee! Laters.

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