Saturday, May 28, 2011

How many plates can one Gal keep spinning?

I felt like I had 100 plates balancing on sticks and they all required my attention and a quick spin to prevent them from crashing to the floor with a great NOISE! Mom was not doing well with rehab, work was crazy since we were in the middle of doing a complete computer conversion, Santa needed to come, 20+ guests for a sit down dinner on Christmas Eve and a second family dinner the weekend before, and we were in constant touch with Tonya our Mortgage originator and Sandy our realtor. Tons of emails, scanning, and phone calls about flood insurance, financial records, and when we would be closing on the sale. We had put a short fuse on getting the deal closed to help the seller accept our offer. So we were all in overdrive. Sandy and Tonya were awesome and they helped in every way possible but it was still a struggle to keep all the plates from crashing to the floor. Sandy even arranged with the seller for us to get started on the home repairs before we closed the deal! Of course she also had the perfect person to help us with the repairs. More about Eric later. Somehow Santa delivered on time and the entertaining went was about the same and boom it was the day after Christmas and we were still tying up loose ends on insurance and realizing that we would have to close the mortgage by mail since I wasn't able to get time off. The closing package was emailed to me and it was an inch thick. I didn't receive it till late the day it had to be signed by both of us. Mike was working out of town and would not be back until just before the time we had to have the package back to UPS! I was seriously stressed but carefully read the instructions and called the closing attorney asking what we could do since it would be too late to meet the UPS deadline if we had to sign it front of a notary. They agreed that we could copy our drivers licenses and they would notarized them when they received the package! I was shocked but decided I was ok if they were. I met Mike after seven at his company and he spent nearly thirty minutes signing the many many copies... Then we raced To UPS and just made it. Then I started worrying if had had missed anything! I have made many loans but never a purchase money real estate loan and with all the new rules and regs it is truly a nightmare even for experienced mortgage lenders. But an angel must have been on our shoulders through this whole process because the next day we got the call that We were the owners of a Tybee Island Cottage! Let the cleaning, painting, renovating, and decorating begin! Oh...and we needed a name for the Cottage?

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