Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to the Beginning...we fell in love with Savannah and then Tybee Island...

John our sea kayak guide mentioned that real estate prices on Tybee were down and that Tybee was an awesome place for anyone that loved the outdoors. John did us two big favors...he told us were the locals go to get the best oysters for lunch...the Sundae Cafe and then over lunch we starting talking about real estate and then John gave us his realtor's name.  I also found out that John was on Facebook to keep up with the children and grandchildren. We became friends over Facebook and that kept us in touch and helped my resolve to follow up with his realtor after we returned home. I called Sandy McCloud and was prepared to hear that we probably couldn't find anything in our price range. Instead Sandy seemed very interested in trying to find us a foresclosure or a distressed property...which was what our budget required. She agreed to keep her eye out and get back if she found anything. After a couple of weeks and we had not heard anything I thought that was the end of our search. Sandy actually had emailed me and it hit my spam box...when she did not hear from me she decided to phone me and actually caught me at home...which is rare. The first of a string of interesting twists and turns. She had a couple of properties that she emailed us that were interesting.We decided to take three days and go to Tybee and see what she had found. We knew our budget would not handle a beach front property and were hoping for something on or near the marsh. We looked for a place to stay that would not be a condo and would be on the marsh so we could experience what living in a cottage would be like on Tybee. We found the Mermaid Cottage website and spent a couple of hours poring over all the cute cottages. We decided on Fiddler on the Creek since it was on the marsh and was a one bedroom. We made reservations for three nights and went down in November.

Stayed tuned for the next part of the story tomorrow...

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