Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Two of the Hunt...

Sandy was determined to find a cottage for us. We were feeling a bit down after our two best possibilities didn't pan out. We looked at a number of cottages that were really in such bad shape not to mention the smells that after a while I wouldn't even make it across the threshold before giving Sandy a thumbs down. She said she appreciated the fact that we did not mess around but said what we thought! Shooting straight saves a lot of time and hot air.We seriously considered a fairly large home on the lighthouse side of the island. The house was roomy with parking under but it really was just a house not a cottage. It also was a short sale. A short sale is when you have to deal with both the mortgage holder and the owner. The owners had bought the house at the top of the market and they owed more on the house than it was currently worth.  Somehow that just put a cloud over the deal...I felt like it was just bad ju ju to be part of taking someone's house out from under them...they were still living there and according to Sandy were very nice people in a bad spot. The house also did not have any view to speak of and again had lots of another disappointment. We were supposed to leave the next day so it looked like we were coming up empty on this trip. We went back to Fiddler on the Creek and sat out on the dock looking at the marsh and discussing that it was looking like this wasn't meant to be. We would go home tomorrow. Then we got two calls one from Diane Kaufman at Mermaid Cottages our rental company and later one from Sandy. Diane called to offer the cottage to us for an additional night at no one was coming in after us and we were welcome to stay and they would just delay cleaning by a day. How nice...we probably would go on back since we were striking out but what a generous offer. She said to just let her know if we changed our mind. About an hour later Sandy called and I could tell she was excited...she is always very animated but it was apparent something was up. She wanted to know if we could go look at just one more Cottage. We said sure but we had pretty much given up the hunt. She picked us up at Fiddler on the Creek which is on S. Campbell Ave...and we just went back down S. Campbell and stopped at a cottage we had passed driving to Fiddler. They were having an estate sale at the Cottage and I had noticed it the day before and teased Mike about letting me stop to shop the deal. We were shocked that this was the Cottage that Sandy wanted to show us. It only got stranger...the Cottage was not listed for Sale with any realtor. Sandy knew the lady who owned the Cottage and that she loved cats and dogs and she had recently passed away. Sandy had learned from the Cat Rescue Lady that the Cottage was going to be sold by the estranged husband to settle the estate. The gentleman did not like realtors. But Sandy being Sandy she just called him up and convinced him that it was ok for her to show us the Cottage...even though there was not a contract in place. More tomorrow...I will say we called and let Diane know we needed to stay one more night...we had things to do!

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