Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Murder Trial is to the hospital!

Josh's Assistant came on the line and told me that the trial had been continued since he had changed his mind about pleading guilty. I was disappointed but relieved at the same time since now I could go on to the hospital to see how Mom was doing. Off to the hospital with Tybee and the Cottage far from my thoughts. Mom had broken her pelvis in four places. She did not require surgery but was in pain and she would need to go for rehab until she could walk and care for herself. I spent the week in the hospital with her. The first night I tried sleeping in a chair but gave up and moved to the floor. I stayed with her except for a couple of hours each morning  when I went home to shower and change clothes. I brought my camping pad and was pretty comfortable at least compared to the floor. I was also busy making arrangements for her care when she was released. By the end of the week we were able to move her to the nursing section of her retirement community. She was not progressing very well and I was concerned. Monday I was back at work and trying to go to see Mom each evening which meant leaving home before eight each morning and getting home at eight or nine each evening. There was little time for anything else. I was lucky that Tonya our Mortgage person was making it easy for us. She was sending me everything my email and I completed, scanned and returned things to her as we went. In a few days we had a formal approval. We still had to find flood insurance, home owners insurance, get the property appraised and start making renovation plans! Whew...oh...and Christmas was coming!  I have to admit to several late nights of What the heck were we thinking!  Santa arrives...

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