Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas 2013 Preparations at the W

A couple of busy days shopping and then cooking up some homemade treats and a bit of Holiday decorating the last two days. 

Chex & the City Mix 

I made enough to fill ten one gallon containers. I had to mix it all up in a clean 40 quart plastic tote!
I eyeballed what I thought would be enough ingredients and nailed it perfectly with nary a left over. I am quite sure I could not do that again. The W has a fleet of wagons to help us transport items to the lower level garage.

I thought this was too cute not to photograph!

I have 19 coming Christmas Eve for a sit down dinner. Pre-made some dishes today and baked a large 8 pound turkey breast to go with the honey baked ham. Mike cut up the turkey and it looked exactly like the video I showed him! He did a Great job. I put out a few Christmas decor items to go with the red poinsettia's and a live wreath on the terrace door and a bright lime green and red sparkly wreath on our entrance door. Both are lovely. Located all the Christmas china and have it all ready to go. Mike picked up our card tables and chairs from Lorrie's and I ordered new red tablecloths for them. He checked out the placement and we think we have a seating plan. 


The French door to the Terrace is ready for Christmas.

New Red and Green Plaid Tablecloth. Dad's Grandfather Clock had stopped running and Mike surprised me last week by having it repaired. So nice to hear it chime again. 

We have 2 large red poinsettias in the windows facing the terrace. I could not get the lighting right to get a good picture. But they are on the same wall as the live wreath so with the big red ribbon on the wreath we have three evenly spaced splashes of red which looks nice.

We decided to not do a tree this year since we decorated one at Paws & Paddles for the Cottage Tour Open House. The fresh green wreath is giving off a nice evergreen smell. So it's all good. Next year though I am determined to put a nice size tree out in the center of our large Terrace with the large old style colored lights. I just need to work on an anchoring system in case the wind would be an issue. The Terrace is surrounded by tall brick walls but the breeze does (thankfully) swirl around at times. 

Planning on being up at 5:15 for the gym then back to get ready and head out to deliver items and pick up the Coconut Cake from Wildflour Bakery. I think we have the desert thing covered. I also have a Fresh Apple Cake made by a friend, chocolate truffles, an a Applesauce Cake made from Granny Hogan's recipe. Honey baked Ham, Turkey, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Green Beans, Mashed potatoes and Lorrie's Mac & Cheese.  Boiled Custard for sipping before dinner. I wish this warm weather would last and we could flow out to the Terrace. I actually have had the door open all day it is that warm! We have a big cool down predicted so we'll see. 

Merry Christmas to everyone. See ya in the New Year. Planning lots of Tybee Tyme in 2014!

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