Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24th A Snowy Sunday on Windy Gap Mountain in Virginia...

What a surprise on Palm Sunday! I was dreaming of warm temps and yellow daffies with their fat heads swaying in the spring breeze. Not so quick it seems. Mother Nature has certainly shown us again that she always has the upper hand in the weather department. Planning on a trip to Paws & Paddles in April to enjoy the warmer Tybee temps and relax on Tybee Tyme. Events of late have reminded me to seize the day. Two friends are dealing with loved ones who have had massive strokes in the past few weeks. It is so easy to get caught up in being busy and not truly slowing down to enjoy the moment. Just found out two other friends have been dealing with cancer both much younger than me. Sobering.

Tybee certainly helps with slowing us down. When we open the front door at Paws & Paddles it helps focus your attention on enjoying the moment. Just watching an egret or a massive blue heron through the side window on the enclosed back porch turns into an enjoyable event. Making time every day to get up early and walk or ride our bikes to the North Beach to watch the Sunrise is an awesome way to start the day. And a reminder of how small we are in comparison to the rest of the natural world. Apparently our guests share how we feel about our Cottage. Still receiving 5 star reviews and kudos for the Jane Coslick decor and the attention to exceeding our guests expectations regarding all the little extras that make them feel like they are at "their" cottage home. We try to improve the cottage a bit each year. This January all new towels for the 2 inside baths and outdoor hot/cold shower. By the way I realized I have only used the inside shower twice! I showered outside this was close to 70 and felt wonderful looking up at the sun, blue sky, and our massive Palm tree. For pet owners and parents bringing small children we decided to extend the white picket cottage fence to the entire yard. Now the parking area is outside the yard. So children and pets are all safe inside. The pickets are less than 2 inches a part so even small dogs will be secure and no tacky inside wire required.

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  1. I love the contrast in these pics! The cottage looks fresh and beautiful. We bought some bathroom rugs today in the same green as your new towels. THE fence sounds like a great addition. You two will have to come to FL for a visit sometime and we can all go to Gramma Dots!


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