Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Pet Friendly Cottage needs a Dog!

When we told Jane and Diane that we wanted to be a pet friendly Cottage they both asked the same question. What kind of dog do you have? We laughed and said we were actually pet less! We have friends and family who prefer to travel with their pets and they have a hard time finding nice accommodations. So we thought allowing pets might help us rent the cottage. That may be changing tomorrow! I have always wanted a Standard Chocolate Poodle. We have had smaller poodles in the past and they were wonderful dogs and incredibly smart. Mr. French a.k.a. Frenchie was so well behaved. When he needed to go out he would just go and sit by the door and stare at it until you let him out. If he got his paws wet or dirty...he would wait by the door for his paws to be dried off. He loved his weekly baths and would hop up on the table when we got out the clippers. It broke our hearts when he went over the Rainbow Bridge. I really didn't want to go through losing another pet. I have resisted getting another dog. The usual excuses. We are too busy. We work long hours. We don't want to be tied down, etc. All perfectly good excuses. I have frequently checked the pet ads in the paper...just to see if there were any Standard Chocolate Poodles. I have rarely seen any listed. So I was off the decision to make. Then a business associate and friend showed up at the bank with her adorable dog Max. Max was a cute ball of white fluff with black eyes and a black nose. He sat quietly while we discussed business for nearly two hours...and never made a false move. Plus... he let me pet him the whole time and he licked my hand. So I am NOT responsible for what happened next...really. It is Debbie's fault and you know who you are... Ms. GenGold! I found a very small ad in the Sunday paper. It read as follows...Standard Chocolate Poodle, 7 years old, male, needs a good home. Well now that I am CottageCrazy I seemed to be on a I called and we will be picking up...Hershey...for the weekend. If he likes us and we like him...he may soon be on his way to Tybee Island to stay at Paws and Paddles Cottage. And thanks to Jane...his bed is already waiting for him.

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