Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Design starts to come together...

The design started to jell when Jane completed the front bedroom...Tybee Turquoise furniture...amazing bedding...tons of pillows and euros...and be still my heart a Bellamy Murphy painting over the
bed that just pulled the entire room together...amazing. The sunlight comes in the front bedroom and just creates little splashes of light that is just so perfect and peaceful...that
as much as I love the outdoors and the beach I can be content just standing in the middle of the room. This isn't the master... but it IS my favorite of the three bedrooms.
Jane had some new fabric to show us for the sofa and chair in the sitting area. The fabric for the chair was extremely colorful with all of the Jane colors on a darker navy background
the sofa fabric reminded me of and old timey cream and blue stripe mattress ticking...seems like I remember Granny Hogan calling it ticking. Jane surprised us and created a doggie
bed out of the chair fabric...and a little sign in the shape of a bone over the doggie's a Ruff Life! So cute and great for guests with pets. somewhere around this point we
decided that since we loved pets and wanted the Cottage to be pet friendly and we loved kayaking...the name for the Cottage would be Paws and Paddles!

Jane created a stunning dining area by painting our cherry table Tybee Turquoise and then surprised us ( my favorite colors are green and red) by pairing the Turquoise
Table with bright red wood chairs...two with red and white fabric seats! My little red tea pot and vintage red and white napkins created a one of a kind look! We were still struggling
with the sun porch...those peach walls were NOT any better after Eric painted the waincoting white...somehow that only made it we reached way way down in our checkbook and
asked Eric to give us an estimate on painting the rest of the huge sunroom hurt but I knew it would open up a world of color choices for the fabrics for the porch. We
met up with Jane to let her know we loved what she was doing so far. Even the small things...her use of the white sea stars on a white window...and yes we changed our mind
and agreed with Jane we needed and loved the white simple simple window treatments with big nickel colored grommets on the same color rods...just made a much bigger
difference that we imagined. We don't have window coverings on our Mountain home since it is so private with lots of trees but I am betting it would also look better with
the addition of some window coverings of some type...another day. Jane and I nearly broke out dancing over the good news that the peach paint was going to bite the dust just
as soon as Eric could make it happen...then we got to talking about the small back deck...I wondered it we shouldn't consider...while we were at it...this is how one goes over budget...
an Outdoor Shower. Mikie didn't really think much of that one would likely use it...Eric happened by while we were talking and he suggested a second stair case down
to a ground level deck for grilling and sitting and there would then be the PERFECT place for an outdoor shower. Perfectly private, Perfectly cute, Perfectly practical since you could walk
out the french doors off the sun porch and your sweet little tootsies would never have to touch the ground! Plus we always came in the back since we keep our bikes, chairs, and other
gear in the you and your dog could be sweaty and sandy and just take a hot or cold shower in complete bliss with a ceiling of palm trees and live oaks! Jane mentioned
outdoor showers were very popular and they did indeed keep some of the sand and doggy dirt outside! Poor Mike...Eric, Jane, and crazy Connie were off and running...Eric needed to
get us another estimate. Then with a straight face he asked which project first shower of porch painting...Jane and I both practically shouted PORCH!

Eric had his work cut out for him...and now Jane could work on fun fabrics for my comfy chaise and pillows and such for the new day bed. I showed Jane some of our duck decoys...
not for Tybee she said...but I mentioned how much we enjoyed birding and that I planned on making sure we had a space for our bird book and binoculars...she said why
didn't you tell me sooner! She was excited because this opened up a whole world of bird that the dreaded peach paint was going south.

We headed home to wait for the estimates but knew at this point we were pretty far gone on the new deck and shower idea...We would head back next weekend to see
what wonders Eric had worked with white paint and find out what those bird fabrics might look like...


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