Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back in Tybee to see how the painting is going...

Eric was a man after my heart not only an excellent painter but he cleaned up after himself and neatly stowed all of his materials and equipment each day! The painting was well underway and the white paint was a vast improvement. The cottage looked and smelled so fresh and even appeared larger with the rooms flowing smoothly from one to the next. We managed to sneak in a quick lunch at Sundae Cafe. Then we met up with Eric to discuss estimates for finishing up several items left over from the almost but not quite completed three season porch on the rear of the cottage. He promised to get us an estimate on the additional jobs and we settled up with him on the work he had already completed. He had finished the bathroom ceiling and part of the painting for us even before we closed on the cottage. We had never even met him or given him a cent! He knew Sandy so he just trusted we would take care of him even if the sale fell through. What a guy. Eric played a huge role in the renovation and also some additions to the cottage. One project has a way of inspiring you to think about adding one more thing. We laughed and said our relationship reminded us of the old Murphy Brown TV show. She had a handyman named Eldon that was working on her house for the entire series! It was beginning to look like we would never let Eric finish...we kept finding one more thing. We made arrangements on our next trip to meet Diane Kaufman of Mermaid Cottages. We wanted to discuss the possibility of renting our cottage. The weekend ended before we were ready and we were headed back to our house on Windy Gap Mountain in Virginia. We were already looking forward to coming back the next weekend and meeting Diane.

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