Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jane's Ideas for our Cottage...

This was our virgin experience working with a designer/decorator and a Tybee icon to boot. We had an open mind and were ready to listen. It was interesting working with Jane she also listens to determine what YOU like and I think that is the key to her success. We had already painted all the walls white and I think she might have gone a different direction but she knew we liked that fresh clean look and that we were ready for lots of color in furnishings and art work. At some point Jane realized that I like red...and wonder Christmas is my favorite time of the year! She noodled around a while with fabrics that had red...and we almost went with a crab fabric that she shows us online...but when we actually saw the fabric the background was more beige green than off white...and we all agreed to pass.  We did decide on an amazing Tybee Turquoise for the front light filled is actually my favorite of the three bedrooms.  She had already nailed down the bathroom colors more Tybee Turquoise and lime green! Amazing with the white walls and sand colored ceramic floor tile. We still had lots to decide but we were off to a good start. Eric was making amazing headway and was almost finished with the repairs that had come up from the home inspection. The only room we did not paint white was the brand new sun porch that was just completed prior to our purchasing the cottage. It was a peachy color...nice...but the more I looked at it the less I liked it...Jane mentioned the color was really limiting the choices we could use on the porch...I could tell she really disliked the color...but she was trying to be mindful of our limited budget...and it was a huge room open to the rafters so painiting it would be costly and time consuming.  I decided to compromise and just paint the bead board white below the chair we got Eric to price that out and he agreed to work on that next. It really was starting to look like we were never going to let Eric go...we laughed with him and he remembered the Eldon character from the old Muphy Brown TV show...Murphy kept finding things for him to do and he was there for like 4 years!  I told Eric that I thought she eventually just married him! We had to head back home and take care of some family matters. We were closing out my Mom's apartment since she was now in a nursing home so it would be a while before we could get back. Jane was working on the rest of the rooms and would be sending us some more fabric to look at in a few days.  I already loved the turquoise bedroom and it just made me happy to go in there and just stand and look at the window. I had several pieces of wood furniture that I was going to paint with Jane's blessing and she suggested painting the chest for that room the Tybee turquoise...that was on my list of things to do when I got home. We would bring it back on our next trip down. .

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