Friday, August 1, 2014


Blessed to be back on Tybee with our family. Awesome time with the SuperWonderfulGrandBoy, SWDaughter and her hubby. Loads of beach time, biking time and sun porch time at Paws & Paddles.

SWGBoy in the shoot in the background. At Tybee you never know what you're going to get when you get to the Beach.

Turns out they even wrote a song about Tybee. Where the Georgia " Peaches " Go!  

Beautiful Sunrises this week...

Time with Grampie & Grammie to enjoy the SWGBoy!

Our aspiring weather man has kept us posted on the weather all week. The siren went off and warned us of a possible Thunder Storm just now and he got very excited. So far just thunder and no rain...we'll see.

Lots of time in the s SO Warm.

Alex has learned a new skill. The art of the boogey board. I failed to get a good shot of him riding a huge wave in with the white water crashing well over his head. He loved it. Jumped up and went right back out. He has become very confident in the surf. Confident but careful. He even coached me on the dangers of drifting too far out with my noodle float.  He kept checking on me to be sure I could still touch the bottom! We almost lost a fisherman our first day here. He waded out too far near the jetty and would have drown had a older former lifeguard not swam out to drag him back in. We were very worried about our former lifeguard as well. It took over 30 minutes for him to reach the man and it was a short distance. Rip currents are dangerous. Another swimmer lost his life on the south beach here this week between Tybee and the seemingly close Little Tybee. Very sad. I think both of these events impacted Alex to be careful around the Ocean.

The sea oats are full and beautiful right now. Love our Tybee Light!

Alex is always willing to let me play photographer. Such a sweet boy. Notice the lighthouse peaking between the sea oats.

He likes his beach time best. Next best biking. As he said to me this morning, " I am always up for a bike ride Grammie." 

We love our Tybee Swings all over the beach. Borrowed this shot from a Tybee Web site!

We have had a great week on Tybee at Paws & Paddles Cottage. We are very blessed in so many ways.

My necklace was made from a piece of silverware...a knife. Made by an artist from Roanoke, Virginia. It was purchased on the Roanoke City market a short walk down from where we live in Downtown Roanoke.


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