Sunday, August 31, 2014

Art Show Saturday and Lighthouse Market on Sunday

We really enjoyed the Art Show near North Beach yesterday. We walked up from Paws. Lots of great items. Paintings, jewelry, pottery, photography, metal/driftwood sailboats, pillows, polished wood items and so on.

Found two Ibis paintings for Paws & Paddles!

A very cool wood medallion necklace with adjustable cord.

A wooden dish with a heavy brass basin insert for using just a few flowers to make a Japanese like flower arrangement. Small and beautifully made.

I enjoyed talking with the local artists. Many live on Tybee or nearby islands. They also have art classes there...ummm...would love to do that someday. I could have my own booth perhaps in the future?

The Lighthouse Market today (Sunday) had a variety of items. Many were not handmade but still interesting. We enjoyed walking through and seeing everyone's displays.

The Lighthouse is always watching over us as we enjoy the North Beach area.

It was much warmer than typical today and we were delighted to return to Paws and break open an ice cold watermelon on the sun porch. Eating ice cold melon under the fan with the windows full of live oak/and just everything green was very serene and pleasant. I was however Very surprised to find we had purchased a YELLOW yellow inside as a pineapple! Still tasted like watermelon and quite sweet! I would have loved to have seen the look on my face when I realized it was bright yellow inside.

Chilling and reading for a few during the heat of the day...beach tyme later as the wind begins to pick up later this afternoon!

Oh! we did enjoy the three whole Flounders that we grilled on the Webber last evening. Great with an ice cold white wine, fresh corn on the cob and a few red potatoes.  Snickerdoodles & Coffee for a late desert! 

In the interest of full disclosure I forgot to score the fish so ours were not as beautiful but not a scrap was left so I think we all agreed they were just fine. Ours were also much larger...the 3 weighed over 3 lbs!  Apparently we WERE hungry.

Planning on Large Fat White Georgia Shrimp for dinner tonight...The fridge is stocked up and is full for the week with liquid refreshments and lots of fruits, veggies, and seafood. Mike has turned into a great salad chef. He is turning out lunch now...

So Off to lunch...Laters..

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