Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hershey visits the Vet for a check up...

Hershey has been with us a month this past Thursday. He has stolen our hearts and rearranged our schedules, house, and priorities. We took him to Dr. Finkler for a check up and to update his flea and tick protection. Lime disease in animals and people in our part of Virginia is increasing rapidly. Dr. Finkler gave him a Lime disease shot...back in two weeks for a booster. We also made sure to pickup heart worm pills and Frontline for fleas and ticks. Dr. Finkler said that Frontline was so safe that it is actually used in Europe on children's hair to prevent head lice. So we felt comfortable using it for our Hershey. We got lucky and Hershey is healthy, fit, and well behaved. He was a sweetie when the Doctor checked him over including peering in his mouth and ears. Dr. Finkler was great with him. He spent ten minutes just petting him and getting to know him before lifting all 68 pounds on to the metal exam table. Hershey didn't try to get up and was very patient. I will say he was very happy to jump back in the Rav4 and head back to his new Windy Gap Mountain home. We purchased a 5x6 foot chain link kennel...5 feet go in our lower level basement/laundry area for him to reside in when we are away from home. He has spent so much time in a kennel this actually seems to make him feel more comfortable. His kennel is large so there is plenty of room for his massive ultra suede doggie bed. Still can't believe I scored a $179 Orvis dog bed for $65 at Second Helpings thrift store...he loves his bed. It is his favorite hiding place for his chew bone. He is a chewer and we have to be careful what he has access to. Since he is one big dog he can pretty much reach up and clean anything he likes off the counters, etc. No big losses as yet...except for my turby micro fiber hair is now missing the thingie that secures the towel. A small price to pay for having such a fun loving friend who is so happy to see you every morning and every evening. He loves our walks in the morning...1.5 miles up the mountain and back...and again in the evening...though lately with 95+ we have often opted for a shorter evening walk. He is also great about just going directly out the lower level french doors to the yard and quickly taking care of business. He stays in sight in our yard and if he gets out of sight he comes galloping back with a shout and a whistle. A very good dog!

Hershey loves to get in the back of my Rav4. He actually tries to get IN when I am trying to get packages and groceries OUT...2 funny. We are thinking he should do fine on our upcoming long week end in Tybee...we are so looking forward to being back at Paws and Paddles and catching up with friends and just chilling on the sun porch...I have been dreaming lately about a long cool outdoor shower...

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