Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hershey is on the premises!

Hershey is 7 and is a loveable Chocolate Standard Poodle looking for love and affection.
He is doing amazing well considering we just picked him up last Thursday night at 7.
He is high energy and very interested in everything. He seems to be used to being in
a kennel...the walking on the leash thing is a bit of a challenge...but improving. His disposition
is wonderful. He loves loves being petted and hugged. If you wrap your arms around him
and give him a hug he sits down! He prefers being in his own space. He put himself to bed
the first night. We had a large Orvis doggie bed (snagged at the local thrift store) in a corner
of the guest bedroom across for our room. A bit before ten he just when in and went to bed.
He stayed until we said it was ok to get up and go with us for a walk. After our walk he
kept pacing and walking about until I left the back of the SUV open. He hopped in the back
and refused to get being a good hostess I just served him his water and food bowls
on a tray in the back of the Rav4...2 funny. This morning for the first time he has calmed down
enough to quietly sit with us on the back deck. He is a BIG dog...told a friend it was a lot
like bringing in Christmas tree to the house...he looks a LOT bigger... in the house! But not too
big for us to have already made room for him in our hearts.

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