Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week of April 25, 2014 Tuesday

We have been blessed with Summer temperatures this week. Great beach time with nice breezes and beautiful sunrises.

This morning early the SCAD students were doing a mini photo shoot...

Yesterday we enjoyed biking and beach time followed by some adult fruity strawberry drinks.

The drinks are residing on our Georgia cutting board at Paws & Paddles. Anne gifted us with the cutting board...very fitting addition to the Cottage.  

This shot was taken on Monday morning after sun up. Loved the pink glow in the sky and water. The sun was actually brighter and more red than the camera could capture. If I ever get my painting supplies together and find a place to paint at the W I would like to try painting this scene. Not sure I could manage the bikes...though...they look tricky to paint. I do however especially like the way my bike is setting with the front wheel looking like it is saying...O!

Last night we went for a walk in the area behind Paws & Paddles to Eagles Nest. Loved this house and it's beautiful western view of the Marsh.

Isn't that a beautiful view of dusk over the marsh?  It was getting quite dark and with the tree canopy I was surprised it came out as well as it did...I almost didn't give it a try. There is a lesson there I think.

A cute lavender Cottage under constuction. Will be adorable once the pavers/landscaping is completed. Only on Tybee would that color be just so Right!

Our front Guest Room...at Paws & Paddles. It is my favorite. This week it is called Anne's Room.

Future updates to the Cottage at some point include pavers inside the fence for most of the front entrance courtyard and small decorative plantings of green sod. 

This week we are updating the microwave over the stove and the dishwasher. Decided to replace with Stainless Steel units like the ones we are used to at the W. The rest of the applicances are in good shape so we will catch them later and do Stainless when we replace. I didn't think I would like stainless but living with it at the W has changed my mind.  We continually are looking for opportunities for new ideas and improvements to make Paws even more comfortable and enjoyable for our Guests.

More Later...

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