Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Ran Away to Savannah/Tybee Island....

We ran away to Savannah/Tybee on Feb. 11th to out run the snow storm of the year! We just made it about 24 hours ahead of the storm that dumped snow and ice over much of the east coast. Over 12 inches so far in our hometown of Roanoke, Va.

We live at the W a renovated former Woolworth Store. Our view from the great room/terrace is the back side of the Wells tower which looks exactly the same as this shot. This is the snow storm we are thankfully missing.

We are in Savannah/Tybee for the Book and Author Festival that starts today. We decided to leave a day early to beat the snow storm. We used the extra day to continue our annual fluffing of our Tybee Cottage, Paws & Paddles. We replace things and add things each year to keep the Cottage looking great and to anticipate and special needs that our guests have. We have two dog beds since we are pet friendly, stainless large dog bowls and a fresh jar of homemade doggie treats for our pet guests.

We have replaced towels, the sea grass rug in the great room, china, place mats, dish towels, sheets, pillow cases, added a cute black stoneware platter for shrimp, or sushi, very small glass dishes for sauces, dressings, etc. Doing heavy cleaning...well Mike is doing that...wood floors, washing slip cover on the couch. A few pics.

New linen like dish towels...bought 8 to also use for napkins...those Shrimp Boils get messy! A local restaurant, SOHO, that we love does this so I stole their idea! Oyster Knives for opening those sharp difficult oyster shells!  Need to have some again soon. We have had friends who liked the oyster mirror that Mike made and want us to make them one. Love oysters so I can so do this!

Mike's Oyster Mirror.

New China...forgot to also put out the large square dinner plate...this is the salad plate and bowl. We typically only eat on the salad plates since I like to think it reduces the amount we eat...LOL!

Love this heavy black stoneware platter. If will cause those orangey fat Georgia Shrimp to pop with color on the black background. Thinking sushi would look great with a side of lavendar orchids...!

New place mats for the dining area and the sun porch table. So Tybee and mixed great with the Tybee Turquoise color on the Table!

Homemade Sour Dough Bread from our Tybee Friend John! He even brought me the starter so I can try my hand at making the bread. I have read that those of us who have problems with Gluten may be able to handle Sour Dough as long as it has been fermented! Excited.

Off to get ready to go in to Savannah for the Book Festival!  

Laters...looking for temps in the 60s+ tomorrow forward. Fingers crossed on that!

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