Friday, April 29, 2011

The Hunt Begins!

It all started when we spent a lovely Week in Savannah, Ga. I fell deeply in love with Savannah. We also visited nearby Tybee Island and went kayaking with John from Sea Kayaks of Georgia. It was a fantastic day with perfect weather and a very high tide. We kayaked over to Little Tybee Island and were able to get out on the beach and walk about... not a single other person was there. Our footprints were the only ones on the beach! On the way back in a pod of dolphins trailed us frequently surfacing and making their blowing noises. It was amazing. The combination of beautiful Savannah and Tybee Island makes a powerful and seductive duo. Where else can you be either at the beach or in a beautiful southern city like Savannah and only be a fifteen minute drive from either one! This was the first time I really did not want to go home and it is difficult to explain ut I felt totally at home in both Savannah and Tybee.

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  1. Hey I think you are getting the hang of this!! great reading/


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