Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring on Tybee Island @ Paws & Paddles Vacation Cottage

Arrived Friday around 8:00 p.m. and it was so nice when we pulled up to the Cottage to see that our Mermaids had turned the great room lamps on along with the front porch light. Very welcoming. We unloaded the car and starting nesting...but things away. We had brought enough with us that we were able to fix coffee and a light snack. It was cooler than expected so we chose to pass on going to A.J.s for dinner on the dock. We snuggled in the big king size comfy bed and slept like rocks.

Up early to see the sunrise...mostly cloudy and breezy. We decided due to the clouds to hit Bowies Seafood Market (a short walk from the Cottage) and picked up some fat Georgia Shrimp for a seafood boil with friends for Saturday evening. Headed next to Davis Veggie Market on Route 80 for fresh things, and then on to the nearby Publix to load up for groceries for the week.

Enjoyed our Seafood boil with our Tybee Friends on the back porch. Great catching up with them and their recent adventures traveling over 10,000 miles!

Lots of walks...with our boy Hershey. He is getting more acclimated to being around more people and things and behaves very well on the leash. We discovered one unusual thing about him this week. He pays no attention to dog or cat sounds on TV or on the computer. Yet when Mike clicked on a rubber ducky squeak toy sound...Hershey who appeared to be sound asleep jumped straight up and raced to the computer and put his nose on the screen! Hilarious. We have no idea why or what that sound means to him. We have tried in a couple of times and he does the same thing. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Planning a trip to the University of Georgia Botanical Garden. 50 acres of plantings of all types, Cottage Gardens, Bamboo groves, and 4 acres of my favorite Winter Camellias!

Posting a few pictures taken from one of our walks in Eagles Nest. Nice place to walk directly behind Paws & Paddles Cottage. Lots of shady trees, beautiful homes, at least one has been written up a few years back in Coastal Living/Southern Living magazines. Marsh and water views. Beautiful plants. I had never seen Amaryllis planted Outside before. A lot bunch of them in bright red! The bush/tree plants with the red bottle brush shaped blooms are beautiful. I need to Goggle them to determine the species. I just call them those red bottle brush like bushes...LOL

Time to get outside and go DO SOMETHING...Now! My favorite line for VACATION.


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